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Circularity in the Built Environment 101

The Circular Economy refers to regenerative and replenishing approach and to continuity and circularity of resources instead of the linear mode of make (or take), use and dispose.

Applying circular economy principles in practice in the built environment is challenging and requires systemic change. But it can be done, and the benefits for businesses, the environment, the economy and society are substantial.

This course will focus on:
 - Key concepts in the Circular Economy
 - EU & National policy on Circularity
 - Examples and Case Studies
 - EU Level(s) Objective and Indicators for Circularity including: Designing Out Waste; Design for Adaptability and Design for Deconstruction

How is the course delivered?
After completing the eLearning components in your own time, you can access a live expert-led online Zoom session during which you can ask any questions you have.
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Our team

Meet our team

Giovanni Impocco
Circularity Lead
Giovanni is a qualified management engineer who has worked in resource efficiency, circular economy, BIM, open innovation and research. He loves to identify new opportunities and improvements for making industries, in specific construction, more efficient, to help companies remain competitive in the market while aiming for circularity. Prior to joining IGBC, Giovanni worked in the construction sector, in the research environment (Irish Manufacturing Research, Tecnalia and ENEA), and in a Venture Capital (PeakBridge). He was also a committee member of the CEN Standards process for Industrial Symbiosis (CWA 17354:2018).As a Circularity Lead, Giovanni’s responsibilities include providing expertise in circularity, in upstream and downstream value chain analysis among others, and he manages CircularBuild and CE-Con projects. 
Rachel Loughery
Project Support Officer (Circularity)
Rachel works in the IGBC in the area of circularity in buildings (CircularLife and CMEx projects and the CO2 performance Ladder, She has 10 years of experience in the construction sector with a degree in architectural design, a master’s in architecture and a diploma in retrofitting, sustainability and conservation.
Johanna Varghese
Programme Manager
Johanna is an architect and regional & urban planner,  and has  been Project Architect for mixed-use developments and a spatial planner on green infrastructure strategies for Dublin City Council’s local area plans. In the IGBC, she manages European programmes including EU H2020 projects, SMARTER Finance for Families and Turnkey Retrofit homeowner-centric renovation journey.